Connecting Cultures through Photography
Brazil . Japan . USA​

I'm Lucia , third generation Japanese born and raised in Brazil. I lived in Japan and have been living in California since 1998.  I thought it would be fun to share my experience living in Brazil, USA and Japan. .  this site though, is becoming my photo portfolio. 

I love photographing. It gets me into the Zone, total focus on the present. My dad subscribed to National Geographic magazine when I was a kid in Brazil, so I grew up admiring beautiful photos.
Since then, I wanted to become a National Geographic magazine photographer. In December of 2016, I became a stock photographer. 
It was such an amazing feeling to have my photos approved by a major stock photography company!  

I have experience working in operations, inventory control and planning of parts.  I've also translated documents and presentations from English to Portuguese and vice-versa. I also worked as an interpreter, from English to Japanese and vice-versa.  It is fun to help people communicate with each other.
My interests include:
  • Photography
  • Traveling
  • Cultures (language, food, lifestyle)
  • Fitness and wellness 
  • Gardening
  • People
  • ​Wines
About the name luluzilla: 
Some friends call me Lulu so I added this suffix "zilla", meaning the badass  version of myself.  Incidentally, Thesaurus dictionary states that "lulu" is synonym of beauty, standout, dream and it relates to words such as marvel, wonder, sensation, treasure.

So luluzilla really means this:  a magnified beautful, marvelous, sensational.... (you fill in the blank).